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    -from Brazzers

    Rancho Rating: *****

    Starring: Angelina Valentine, audrey bitoni, Courtney Cummz, Diamond Kitty, Julia Ann, Memphis Monroe, nikki benz, riley evans, Roxy Jezel

    5 kleenexes
    Scooby Doo - A XXX Parody

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    Rick Ryder
    by Rick Ryder

    Wow! This is by far the best parody porn that I’ve ever seen. Brazzers has taken classic movies and stories and made the characters fuck the hell out of each other like you wish you could have seen in the real movies. There are 8 scenes in this two disc set totaling just over 5 hours. Brazzers has recreated classic scenes from the various movies including similar music, characters, settings, and dialogue. They’ve even mimicked the filming style of the various movies.

    There are seven movies that they make fun of including Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Wedding Crashers, Kill Bill, Requiem for a dream, Cinderella, and a movie they entitled “Big Butt Moan”. I must have missed the real movie because I don’t know what that’s a parody of…. Something about a woman getting chained up inside of a house and escaping.

    What I especially like about this DVD is that the parodies aren’t dragged out and the novelty of the parody doesn’t override the hot sex scenes. Other Parody movies I’ve seen are a parody on one movie or one person. Using seven different movies is a great idea and helps keep each scene captivating and fresh. Other porn parodies also seem to have weaker or more “vanilla” sex scenes. I was thrilled to see that Brazzers held true to their standard of hot, huge breasted women getting fucked by huge cocks. Every scene didn’t have anal, but a lot of them did which I’ve never seen in a porn parody.

    The only thing I can really criticize is an overweight extra. In the scene “Fuck Club”, there is an overweight woman standing in the background posing as a “Fuck Club” member/ bystander. It was a little distracting since every person you typically see in porn is fit, so a larger woman stands out. The scene was still very hot; I’m just searching for things to pick at since it was such a great DVD overall. In the Kill Bill parody, they recreated the Japanese restaurant and the scenery was so cheesy that it really was funny. It is a parody after all, and their recreation of it was hysterical.

    Up until now I’ve collected porn parodies more for their novelty than for the sex scenes. This is the first parody that I will certainly watch time and time again to laugh and get off. 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommended!

    Does BRAZZERS PRESENTS THE PARODIES sound like it's right up your alley?

    While we get that in stock check out other Porno flicks like it at our General Store.

    Running Time: 304 minutes

    Cooter the counting cactus says that you are smutmonkey number 4019 to read this Rancho Review.
    DATE POSTED: 2011-02-03

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