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-from Adam And Eve Productions

Rancho Rating: ****
Director: Major woods

Starring: Cleopatra, Courtney, Heather, Lisa, Liza, Saskia

4 kleenexes
Scooby Doo - A XXX Parody

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by Evan Sherwood

I am always on the lookout for a good Milf movie and Milf Riders from Adam and Eve Productions is great for the Milf lover. This flick starts off with okay looking older chicks then gets better with slightly younger and way hotter chicks. The annoying part is that only one guy bangs all of the chicks and he is rather a pain in the ass.

So Zane is looking for an older Milf at a train station and finds Cleopatra, who is 40 years old, has brunette hair and a good actress. After some resistance, Cleopatra decides that a younger guy is what she needs and starts by sucking and licking his cock slowly. This looks sexy but probably doesn’t feel oh so great. She can only take so much of Zane’s huge cock and tells him time after time not so deep. Things get strange as she lays on him all stretched out and still fucking him. Really weird looking.

Zane now finds Courtney while out running and fucks her behind some trees. Courtney has a cute face, reddish brown hair and huge fake tits. She gives Zane’s cock a sloppy blowjob and gives his balls a little play action. The only good position is reverse cowgirl but most of the positions are horrible. The angles make it hard to see her shaved pussy. But her tits do make it nice for a titty fuck and then spurt in her mouth.

Heather is way hotter than the first two but is not as old. She is the movie’s first blonde and has the nicest lookin pussy. Anything she does just looks better. Her crazy wet bj, the 69ing, missionary…everything. Zane even sticks his thumb up her ass while in doggy. She is a great fuck.

Lisa Lee is still even hotter with her British accent, dirty blonde hair, big tits and round soft ass. Lisa works Zane’s shaft mostly during the bj and does not do a great job so they switch and he licks her wet pussy. Missionary and doggy give great views of Lisa rubbing her clit and her huge tits flopping after each thrust. He even comes on her pussy and makes her push the rest out.

Liza Harper has the cutest face and is thin as a rail. This brunette has the sweetest looking ass from behind as she sucks Zane’s slong. I would not even guess that she has a bush and a big one at that. Bush aside, she is amazing throughout the scene. Not one angle is bad.

Saskia ends the flick and her looks are amazing too. With short brown hair, sexy wide eyes and a huge clit she is no doubt a Milf. Although her pussy is small and tight she has the experience of a Milf as she takes it in missionary. Her gaped pussy tells you that she has done this before. The reverse cowgirl was good but it was cut way too short.

Milf Riders is a great addition to my Milf collection but is not the highest one on the list. Zane got pretty lame talking about nailing Milfs and other shit before each scene, plus he is funny looking. The chicks start off to look like real Milf but at the end I doubt the last three are real. But either way, they all look sexy. I give Milf Riders a four out of five because it feed my Milf craving. It also helps that I can mute the TV when Zane talks as well as fast-forward through those parts.

Does MILF RIDERS sound like it's right up your alley?

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DVD Features Include: photo gallery | trailers | phone sex info | dolby digital sound | web info

Running Time: 177 minutes | Production Date: 06-19-2007

Cooter the counting cactus says that you are smutmonkey number 2612 to read this Rancho Review.
DATE POSTED: 2007-11-16

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