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    -from Seymoure Butts Home Movies

    Rancho Rating: **
    Director: Seymore Butts

    Starring: Aria, Cytherea, Heather, Mari Possa, Nikki Hunter

    2 kleenexes
    Scooby Doo - A XXX Parody

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    by PornReviewGuy

    I haven't seen many of Seymore Butts movies but they all have been pretty solid. However, I think "Anal Surprise Party" missed the mark slightly. It's got a good cast of hot sluts but there's just not enough action going on here. Just to much talk and to little fuckin'.

    The movie opens up with three scenes featuring a hot brunette who goes by the name of Heather. First, Seymore walks outside to find the tanned babe having some fun with some dude on a lawn chair. She's already in full speed bouncin' on the guy reverse cowgirl style by the time the camera is zoomed in. This goes on for awhile but the couple only go into one more position(doggy style)before the brunette gets a weak blast of protein. A good scene but I wish there were more positions and some butt lovin'(I mean the movie's title has anal in it).

    Heather returns a few minutes later riding along some highway with Mr. Director. After a lot of talking she finally whips out his dong and gives him some nice road head until he blows. Good stuff.

    In the next scene, it has become dark and we are back in the car with Heather and her friend Nikki Hunter. Seymore instructs Heather to take care of Nikki with anything she can find. Fingers, tongue and a huge dildo is what we get to see worked inside of Nikki until the three get back to Mr. Butts mansion(Nikki squirts all of the place in the garage). When they are inside, Nikki is still the main focus and gets butt fucked doggystyle. Unfortunately, it's just basically one long shot of Nikki's and Seymore's asses. However, it doesn't go on for too long because the scene ends abruptly. We get a written message on the screen a couple of seconds later that says the cops were called and were knocking on the door. Ya right....

    Next up is a lesbian party to celebrate Mari Possa's birthday. Of course, Mari gets all the attention and loves every minute of it. She gets both her holes invaded mostly by the hands of Aria and just looks amazing. Unfortunately, I was a little confused on why the other girls are even there. Cytherea and another hot blonde are just kind of in the background doing nothing. I bet they weren't complaining though. They still got a check for just sitting in a big house.

    The party continues with Mari Possa being led blind folded to Julian. The gigantic porn star bangs this little thing in both holes until he just can't take it anymore. The action is only slightly hot, though. The couple used a condom too, for some odd reason.

    I wouldn't recommend this one. It's very average and only good for a rental at best. Pick up any other Seymour Butts movie. They are usually excellent.

    Does ANAL SURPRISE PARTY sound like it's right up your alley?

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    DVD Features Include: photo gallery | trailers

    Running Time: 140 minutes | Production Date: 07-13-2004

    Cooter the counting cactus says that you are smutmonkey number 6019 to read this Rancho Review.
    DATE POSTED: 02-02-2005

    Reader comments

    Scout (Smut Fan) says:
    Hello there, I found your blog by means of Google while searching for a related matter, your website came up, it looks good. I have boaromkked it in my google bookmarks.

    Scout gives this movie 5

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