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    -from Sweetheart Video

    Rancho Rating: ***
    Director: Nica Noelle

    Starring: Autumn Moon, Jasmine Jem, Kate Kastle, Lily Labeau, Taylor Vixen

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    Scooby Doo - A XXX Parody

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    Cherry Gonuelas
    by Cherry Gonuelas

    The series Lesbian Office Seductions always portrays good sexual deception and conflict at the workplace. This sixth installment is a good addition to it.

    Couple Jasmine Jem and Autumn Moon kiss in the living room right after the sexy brunette reassures her lover about her feelings on working together in the same office. Their lovemaking session moves to the bedroom where the personal chemistry between them is spot on. I love how the blonde beauty smiles at her partner. Jasmine does a good job in sucking her lover's sweet spot and making the woman get so turned on by it. Autumn grabs the bed spread and squeezes it tightly with both hands. Then, the sexy brunette rides Autumn while straddling her waist. Her humping motions increase nicely. Afterwards, the atmosphere feels more intimate while Autumn orally pleasures her lover's pussy and then, embraces with some clit rubbing action. Later, Jasmine humps her girlfriend again with solid energy and then, works over her vaginal muscle with good passion. The scene ends with them kissing.

    Siren Taylor Vixen is turning on beautiful Kate Kastle in her office. Soon, the pretty blonde is spanking the woman's ass in a playful manner. A pussy eating moment follows with the boss sucking on her subordinate's passion fruit. Some fondling activity follows as Taylor undresses her boss and soon places her attention on her hot ass. Her pussy eating behavior is quite effective in making the woman get off. Personally, I really enjoyed watching the heated humping action and wished that it had lasted longer. Nevertheless, the sight of their bodies is a huge turn-on as well as their pussy pleasuring activities. This scene continues to get hotter as it progresses.

    Friends Taylor Vixen and Lily Labeau have a hot and heavy tryst in the office. The brunette siren climbs on top of her and removes her blouse and rubs her crotch. She sits on her lap as they kiss. Then, Taylor sucks on Lily's tits before their kissing activity becomes more passionate. Their heated session continues during Lily's pussy eating moments on Taylor. The humping activity by the girls is pretty good too. I really loved seeing Taylor's pussy right on top of Lily's active mouth. Afterwards, Lily does a super job in using her mouth in pleasuring her pal's vaginal plaything. Moreover, Taylor performs some very good humping action in the meantime. At the end, they kiss quite sweetly on the couch with Lily laying on top of Taylor.

    Boss lady Kate Kastle puts the moves on her marketing employee Jasmine Jem. They begin to kiss and the atmosphere of the scene provides good heat. There is quite a bit of kissing, touching, and titty fondness. Later, both women do super jobs in fingerfucking each other. This high passionate level continues during the humping action. However, the passion slows down once the pussy eating action occurs. But, then it heats up when the pussy rubbing moments begin. As their scene progresses, there are moments of good sensuality between Kate and Jasmine. However, this scene is going to be remembered for their heat and passion.

    In this film, the sex is quite heated and the fans will enjoy it. I loved seeing Jasmine Jem. She deserves to be in more performances. I could not keep my eyes off her. Moreover, Kate Kastle and Autumn Moon continue to be acting and sexual strengths to Nica Noelle's productions. The only downside to this film is that I wanted more plotline development.

    Does LESBIAN OFFICE SEDUCTIONS #6 sound like it's right up your alley?

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    DVD Features Include: shot in hd | behind the scenes | slide show | trailers | playable worldwide

    Running Time: 110 minutes | Production Date: 04-16-2011

    Cooter the counting cactus says that you are smutmonkey number 975 to read this Rancho Review.
    DATE POSTED: 2012-03-24

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