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    2 HOLES 1 POLE #2

    -from New Sensations

    Rancho Rating: ***
    Director: Compilation

    Starring: Anthony Rosano, ashley jensen, Cherry Poppens, Havana Ginger, Holly West, Jack Lawrence, Karina Kay, Kelly Broox, Lana Croft, Lee Stone, Lucy Lee, Mark Ashley,, Mr. Pete, Regan Reese, Roxy DeVille, Sunny Lane

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    by Jack Dup
    2 Holes 1 Pole is a compilation featuring, as may have guessed, scenes that contain two girls and one guy. Over the course of two discs, you get a dozen different groupings and they’re all, at the very least, fair scenes. Unlike some of the comps out there, New Sensations doesn’t seem to edit out any of the action from the original release. For the sake of brevity, I’ll give the name of the movie each scene is taken from, followed by the names of the participants. I’ll also give a brief summary about the content of each scene.

    Mark Ashley’s Double Play 6 - Leah Livingston, Viki LaVie, Mark Ashley Neither of these girls have much to offer in the looks department, but I like having both a blonde and a brunette in the scene. Until Mark enters the scene, the girls don’t really succeed in getting into each other and the chemistry between them is pretty poor. Ashley adds structure to things and takes a lot of the initiative, but the girls continue to play poorly together. The one saving grace for both ladies is their ability to turn in a nice ride while in cowgirl.

    Lessons in Lust 2 - Alaura Eden, Lucy Lee, Mark Ashley Can’t say I really care much for Lucy Lee. I certainly don’t mind Asians, but she’s just not a very good looking one. On the other hand, Alaura Eden is a lot more pleasing to my eye. This scene is short and that’s okay since there isn’t enough of a spark between this grouping. The pussy to mouth action is pretty good, especially from Alaura, but I’d have liked to see a little more intensity all around.

    Mr. Pete is Unleashed 6 - Karina Kay, Sunny Lane, Mr. Pete This proves to be one of the best scenes off this release. The girls get on particularly well. I was pleasantly surprised by Karina’s squirt, which occurs as she’s positioned above Sunny. In addition, Pete does a good job of sharing his schlong with both girls and getting them into different positions. Sunny Lane is fun and enthusiastic to watch throughout. Even though the cumshot is weak, the passionate way in which the ladies make out afterward manages to make up for it.

    Mark Ashley’s Double Play 5 - Lana Croft, Max Makita, Mark Ashley Initially, I thought this scene would be terrible. Boy, was I wrong! This turned out to be another of the better scenes. Are the girls pretty? Nope, I definitely wouldn‘t call them that. They both have small racks. Plus, Max Makita’s shaven head and brace face definitely don’t turn me on. Fortunately, they both end up seeming really hungry for cock. Max Makita seems to be engrossed with Mark Ashley’s dick. She gets fucked anally and acts as if she relishes it. What’s also fascinating: her vaginal secretions. The end of the scene’s not bad either - a creampie for Max, followed by Lana lapping up the jizz and spitting it into Max’s mouth.

    Addicted - Harmony, Havana Ginger, Jack Lawrence After catching my first glimpse of Havana Ginger, I had really high hopes for this scene. Ms. Ginger is easily one of the better looking ladies featured on this compilation. Her large rack is looking mighty fine, indeed. Unfortunately, her performance is the most disappointing of any of the girls on here. After all the oral, she has sex in reverse cowgirl. Thereafter, the scene is entirely about Harmony. Havana gets no more cock. She just sits there and watches the action while her pussy is felt up. The action is too processional, the scene too short, and Havana doesn’t get enough cock.

    Mark Ashley’s Double Play 5 - Ashley Jensen, Holly West, John Strong In my eyes, Holly West looks a bit too pudgy. Despite being in her late twenties, she’s got something of the cougar look to her. Ashley Jensen’s also no knockout, but her energy saves the scene from being a train wreck. Her blowjobs are also a pleasure to see. Watching this gives the impression that blondes really do have more fun. The best positioning takes place when both girls are put in piledriver, ass to ass, and Strong takes dibs between both of their pussies. Kudos also go to strong for an above average cumshot.

    Mr. Pete is Unleashed 3 - Isabel Ice, Michelle B., Mr. Pete This is one of the winning scenes and, once again, I like the difference between the girls. Isabel has a small rack, dark hair, and seems willing to do almost anything. Michelle’s got the beautiful, big tits, long blonde hair, and seems just a bit more subdued than Isabel. One thing they have in common is their origin - they’re both from across the pond. In addition, they’ve appeared in scenes together before. It was nice to see both girls do anal and Michelle’s squirt, directly onto the camera, was another bonus. Isabel brought the nastiness to the scene by licking asshole and her insistence on being spanked. Michelle was no slouch sexually and I’m surprised her looks haven’t elevated her further.

    Mr. Pete is Unleashed 7 - Annika, Veronica Stone, Mr. Pete At first, the brunette fans might think this’ll be good, but Annika’s body, which looks like it’s never seen the light of the sun and lacking where boobs go, is a turn off. What’s just as bad is her passivity. Neither girl will blow you away with their appearances, but Veronica is clearly the better of the two. She outshines Annika by actually enjoying the sex. It seems like Pete feels similarly, as he spends more time working Veronica over than he does Annika. At the end, there’s a lousy creampie for Annika and Veronica licks up what little drips out.

    Mark Ashley’s Double Play 7 - Jessica Young, Kiki Vidis, Anthony Rosano If I had to pick one girl I’d like to see more of, it’s Kiki Vidis. She’s still pretty young, her body’s looking quite tight and her tits look nice and firm. Has the Hannah Montana porn parody been made yet? If not, Kiki would fit the starring role nicely since she looks kind of like little Ms. Cyrus. Jessica Young’s not great looking, but she’s got a nice set of abs and I can appreciate a girl that works out. As for the sex, it’s not as exciting as it could be and the moaning seems really insincere. The camerawork is also pretty shoddy. The complete lack of close-ups really keeps the viewer from being able to get extra intimate with these girls and the sex.

    Big Cock Seductions 16 - Cherry Poppens, Holly Day, Mark Ashley Girl wise, this has to be one of the worst pairings on the entire comp. I have no desire to see either of these chicks again, as they’re just too plain looking. Both could afford to shed a couple extra pounds and they aren’t nearly as animated as they need to be. Both girls take it up the ass and the brunette does A2M, but that doesn’t even come close to saving this scene. Simply put, it’s a sleeper that lacks any sort of a spark.

    Ashlynn Goes to College - Regan Reese, Savannah Gold, Lee Stone Regan Reese is the type of girl you’d expect to see in a Burning Angel release: lots of tattoos and a punk rock look. She’s also got a big rack and a few extra pounds. Savannah Gold also has a nice pair of titties, but she’s blonde, has less noticeable tattoos, and has a slightly better bod. Lee Stone fucks both of these girls fairly hard and seems to enjoy himself a bit too much. The action is shot from poor angles and, as with other scenes, the lack of close-ups doesn’t strengthen the scene. Bad lighting hurts, too.

    Nice Round Ass - Kelly Broox, Roxy DeVille, Mike Adriano Another weak pairing of gals as far as looks go. Both could use an upgrade in the breast area. Roxy DeVille acts like enough of a slut to make things interesting. Kelly takes it anally, and both girls do A2M, so that also moved things along. The positions that were used, almost always cowgirl and doggy, really prevented me from getting a good view of these girls’ assets. I’m going to have to harp on the camerawork again, as better positioning could’ve been used. The girls were clothed for much too long, as well.

    The Jack Dup Verdict - This is really nothing more, or less, than your typical compilation. You’ve got a few great scenes, several average ones, and a few pretty bad ones. If your ultimate fantasy involves more than one girl, it’s hard to go wrong. One thing to keep in mind is the lack of big names. Sure, some of these girls are quite well known, but it would’ve been nice to see higher profile pornstars.

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    DVD Features Include: 2-disc set | chapter index | photo gallery | pick your pleasure | trailers

    Running Time: 300 minutes | Production Date: 12-06-2008

    Cooter the counting cactus says that you are smutmonkey number 1578 to read this Rancho Review.
    DATE POSTED: 2010-01-06

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